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According to the Global Recycling Foundation, out of 2.1 billion metric tons of solid waste that is generated on Earth every year, only about 16% is recycled. Global Recycling Day highlights the need for effort and action required to recycle and reuse waste and urge that every day is a day for recycling.

Recycled materials will soon be the only choice we have and innovators from multiple sectors are pioneering renewables for a sustainable future as we speak. Sustainable consumption and a circular economy are our future and brands implementing these processes are paving the way and creating a positive domino effect on brands and consumers.

To highlight the importance and potential of global recycling, we would like to share our positive experiences and draw attention to the Warrens group. Warrens, formally a family business, has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the UK’s leading pioneers of food waste recycling services. From collection to conversion, their circular process recycles food waste and other organic materials into clean energy products such as heat, electricity, transport fuel and biofertilizer in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly way at their anaerobic digestion facility. Actions speak lounder than words, and with 115,000 tonnes of food waste and organic materials are converted into over 100 million kWh of clean, green energy every year. That’s enough to power 19,000 homes – as well as supplying farmers in the region with thousands of tonnes of premium fertiliser.

We were lucky enough to create the brand strategy and visual identity for this innovative business and implement their brand promise of ‘converting yesterday’s waste into a cleaner, greener tomorrow’. The message was a great starting point which we further distilled down into the proposition line ‘nothing wasted’. The brand concept was supported by bright imagery, animations and punchy messages designed to clearly communicate the potential of recycling and the positive outputs that it can bring.

The injection of creative thinking to the Warrens Group brand strategy brought real results for their business. Warrens have obtained several awards including Innovation & Net-Zero categories with our copying writing and submission support. Since being acquired BioCaptial Ltd by Warrens Group have expanded their Emerald biogas plant and feet of trucks to enable more opportunities to provide sustainable bioproducts that will benefit local communities and the environment. To celebrate the expansion we created an awareness campaign which was designed to build upon the brand which was now well know and established.

By brands cooperating and setting the benchmark for other businesses and people worldwide, we can strive to achieve net-zero. But as net zero waits for no one, we all need to do our bit!

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