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We love packaging design at Guerilla. As an extension of a brand’s logo and core identity, packaged goods need to fight for space on the shelves of shops and retail outlets. As a packaging design agency we understand how to effectively communicate with your customers and make the difference between a product left on the shelf and one in the shopping basket.

This is a crucial factor in brand communications and a place where our promise to deliver clear thinking and real results is proven. Purchasing behaviour is a complex thing; it requires an understanding of a consumer’s emotional and rational drivers – both in-store and online.

Our creative packaging solutions – be it a little packet of plasters or a pack of eggs – are designed to evoke a response and ensure that your brand and its values are not lost on retailers and customers.

Of course, as a responsible business you want your packaging to be big on visual impact and low on environmental impact – something we’ve been championing for a long time. Our team are experts in sustainable stock and production methods and we’ve helped a number of clients to transition their point of sale and printed materials to recycled stock, FSC papers and eco-friendly alternatives.

One example of the packaging work we’ve completed for a client is the LIVSANE label range.

Following on from the success of the BENU brand launch across Europe for The PHOENIX Group, we were tasked with a new packaging project for distribution to independent pharmacies across the continent. The brief was to develop a premium brand identity that could be utilised across a range of packaging for over 300 products.

If creating exciting and inspiring packaging in one country isn’t challenging enough, doing so across 14 countries (and maintaining compliance) certainly is. Not only did we need to move fast on this project, we also needed to ensure absolute accuracy – as you’d expect when the subject matter is pharmaceuticals.

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“Guerilla is a strong partner in developing our Private Label range from the drawing board to final product packages.”

Standing still means going backwards

All too often people label print marketing as slow-moving and dated. But the truth is that packaging – particularly in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) – is constantly evolving. At Guerilla we’ve spent several lifetimes developing our understanding of the behavioural patterns and the emotional connections involved in purchasing goods.

Our packaging team are problem solvers, able to condense the best of a brand down into just a few square centimetres of cardboard in many cases. Logos, fonts, colours, shapes and imagery all have their role to play in swaying buyers – encouraging them to try something new and, ultimately, generating brand loyalty.

If you are considering a brand refresh, moving away from a tried and trusted style can be a daunting prospect. But we’re a safe pair of hands at Guerilla. We may be innovators who are driven to push boundaries, but we’re always aware that it’s your journey. We’re just lucky enough to join you on it.

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