Guerilla... what’s all that about?

It’s fair to say that the question we get asked most often is “why Guerilla?”

Well, since you ask, the name comes from an obscure quote we found, from a source long since lost in the mists of time, that described Cuban revolutionary guerillas as…

“A small, yet extremely dedicated group of individuals that employs highly creative solutions to overcome more powerful adversaries.”

And we thought, “Yeah, that’s us!”

So… what do we actually do? We spend time really getting to know you, understanding your company, your marketplace and your goals… then we combine the relevant services to deliver the right results for you.

Awards... we’ve had a few!

Although it’s not the main reason we do this, we all like a good awards do and not just because of the free bar, (creatives need a lot of validation, who knew?)… in the last few years they’ve gone pretty well too.

See how we can transform your marketing.

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