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Converting yesterday’s waste into a real brand winner!

As a forward-thinking, wholly-owned subsidiary of BioCapital LTD, Warrens has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the region’s foremost providers of agricultural and food waste recycling services. When they launched the region’s first bespoke anaerobic digestion plant, ‘Emerald Biogas’, they became recognised as key innovators at the forefront of this fast-developing and increasingly important industry but the relationship between Warrens and Emerald Biogas felt confused.

Interesting Challenge…

​This confusion had resulted in customers being totally unaware that Warrens and Emerald Biogas were one in the same thing. In short, we had a big brand identity crisis on our hands. ​Through this branding exercise, our objectives were to effectively position the brand, articulate its mission, define its core values and clarify the complex relationship between Warrens and Emerald Biogas in order to create a unified identity that can express the brand’s qualities across all media and services.

Brand values booklet

Front cover


Clear Thinking…

​We needed to clearly communicate a strong value proposition. The initial idea of a mission statement was quickly transformed into a powerfully articulate brand promise, “converting yesterday’s waste into a cleaner, greener tomorrow” – simple, memorable, true. The new logo combines two hearts in a single monogram to express the unification of the two organisations and form a single, unbroken loop, representing the end-to-end recycling process. ​A simplified brand architecture, outlined in comprehensive guidelines, helps unify the Warrens Group’s services, products and sub-brands into a cohesive whole

Real Results…

Since the new unified brand’s inception, we’ve seen Warrens Group nab 4 awards in the Food Waste, Innovation & Net-Zero categories​ (with our copywriting and submission support!). ​We’ve also seen them expand their fleet of industry-leading biogas trucks, undergo successful acquisition and gain a multi-million-pound investment. Recently Warrens have completed the second extension to the Biogas site, this development now offers even more opportunity to provide sustainable bioproducts that will benefit the local community and UK as a whole.

“Guerilla has helped us elevate our presence in the industry, equipping us with a brand and values that truly reflect what we believe in. They have understood our needs and it has shown through how they have repositioned our brand. We’ve been really impressed with their expertise and they are a pleasure to work with.”
Warrens Group
Warrens Group


Warrens Group

Branded coffee mugs

Warrens Group
Warrens Group

Branding launch event

Warrens Group
Warrens Group


Warrens Group


Biogas truck with livery

Website design & build

Biogas truck

Recycling biogas.

Warrens Emerald biogas plant

60 x 40 adshel

Image that illustrates Warrens Group's circular process

Stop food waste day icon

Press ad

Recycled T-shirt

60 x 40 adshel

“We have a commitment to making a difference and Warrens Group were the perfect partner to support us in reinforcing our responsible and sustainable approach to the public and environment we serve. Like us, Warrens Group take ownership of their own supply chain, putting our partnership in a unique position to ensure that our operations remain focused on the customer at all times. Our long standing relationship is now 14 years strong and we look forward to continuing this innovative partnership for many years to come.”
Spokesperson, Greggs Foundation
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