Rusty Quill Entertainment

Let the show begin…

After successfully rebranding the world’s largest independent podcast company Rusty Quill, we were asked by their Producers to create visual identity graphic design for their new shows. Each show tells a different story, covering a wide range of genres, characters and one can be set in the past, present, and future universes, in fact sometimes all three!

Interesting Challenge…

The main challenge about branding podcast shows, is that the creator has a specific idea of how their show’s identity should be represented. So not only are we working on a range of shows, but with a range of story tellers. For this reason, we spent time talking to the producer and writers to ensure that the brief for each show was fully developed and explored.

A whole new dimension creating a dynamic look

Techno, Neon-Punk New Player Challenge Marque

Thrice Forgotten brand with a very regal feel

Creative Thinking…

Using a keen sense of imagination has allowed us to create a diverse range of identities for shows such as Chapter & Multiverse, which is about people going up against larger forces and going through bright portals to visit a city called Chapters which can be from different times and locations around the world and other globes. New Player Challenge is a gaming show which incorporates some of the widest channels of the platform. Neon Inkwell brings together a wide range of shows created by underrepresented artists and writers.

Real Results…

So far feedback about the shows has been very positive with Rusty Quill using a wide range of media platforms across the globe. It was important that each identity stood apart from each other and worked across Rusty Quills merchandising range, which has been a huge success.

Outdoor advertising, with impact built in as standard

Funky sticker, that's well sic

Fun and colourful way to introduce merchandise to extend the brand

“"I really love the first one and think it captures the tone that I want to set for the show. The combination of typefaces and the incorporation on the floating island, with the waterfall over the edge, are brilliant."”
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