Warm Protection Limited - Brochure Design


We had the pleasure of teaming up with Warm Protection Ltd, a renowned manufacturer specialising in commercial and residential roller shutter systems based in the North East of England. They approached us with a clear vision: they wanted a fresh and compelling print and digital brochure that would represent their brand in the best possible light.

It was a fantastic project, and we not only had to showcase their exceptional roller shutter systems but also conveyed the essence of their brand. As well as telling their unique back story, that all started with wooden clogs, believe it or not! We needed to highlight their very strong relationships with their chosen manufacture’s in Heroal, Somfy and Sommer and of course the fact that they’ve been in business for over 35 years with thousands of delighted customers!

Interesting Challenge:

We faced this exciting mission: design a brochure that’s not just visually appealing but also super user-friendly. The catch? It had to be a one-stop shop, listing every single product and service Warm Protection offers. Sounds like a design-style Tetris, right?

Our goal was to make sure that anyone who picked up the brochure could instantly get a clear picture of all the fantastic products Warm Protection brings to the table. We wanted the design and aesthetics to be so compelling it would be impossible not to pick up. But it wasn’t just about making it look pretty – it had to be functional too. So, we cracked our knuckles, and got to work on creating a brochure that was not only a visual delight but also incredibly easy to navigate. And let me tell you, when we finally nailed it, it felt like a major win!



Opening up with a fresh new look

Creating real impact

The Strategy:

We created this fantastic brochure for Warm Protection, showcasing their awesome Roller Shutter products in a way that’s both eye-catching and easy on the eyes. And guess what? We didn’t stop there! We made sure to give a shout-out to their amazing partnerships with Heroal, Somfy, and Sommer, and of course, we couldn’t forget to mention their legendary Ultimate Rolladoor and their impressive 35 years in the business.

When it came to designing this masterpiece, we knew we had to make each product pop and instantly recognisable to everyone who laid eyes on it. Our mission was clear: create a brochure, both in print and digital, that really sings the praises of Warm Protection and their top-notch products.

Real Results

We aimed for sophistication, style, and substance. So, we carefully crafted each page to make sure all the important stuff was front and center. We injected captivating visuals that showcased Warm Protection’s top-notch products and services, and we made sure to highlight their key traits – friendliness and approachability – because let’s face it, those qualities make a big difference in any business.

This Warm Protection Ultimate Garage Door Brochure has done wonders for the brand. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a catalyst for growth. It’s strengthened Warm Protection’s bonds with their customers and clients, bringing them even closer together. So, yeah, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished here.

Creative layouts that deliver clear information

Clear messaging and strong imagery

Stunning product photography

“This new brochure, for us, has made a massive impact on the way we reach out to our customers. It has definitely elevated the company status within the industry and is the envy of our competitors.”
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