A mission to end loneliness…

There are an estimated 51,000 pensioners in the North East alone who are chronically lonely, and therefore 50% more likely to die prematurely compared to people with good social networks. Having launched in May 2016, Wag & Company match and enable professionally assessed volunteers and their special dogs (Visiting Wag Teams) to safely befriend elderly dog lovers across the North East.

Interesting Challenge…

With a limited budget and the impact that Covid was having on fundraising activities, we had our work cut out to ensure optimum impact for every pound spent across a variety of marketing activities. Alongside this, we were tasked with the challenge of ensuring that all multi-channel marketing was joined up, had an impact, and connected with the Wag & Company audience emotionally.

Brand guidelines

Impact report

Giving the gift of friendship

Clear Thinking…

After creating the initial brand identity in 2016, we’ve also worked closely with Wag & Company to develop the brand across both online and offline platforms. This started with the creation of sub-identities such as ‘Walk for Wag’ & ‘Friends of Wag’ before developing an innovative online presence which included an e-commerce website that allows their volunteers to connect and continue raising funds to support the elderly throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

We are proud to say that the amazing products offered in the Wag & Company online shop were designed and developed by us and help to support this amazing charity! You can check them out here.

Real Results…

Is has been a privilege to help and support Wag & Company with all areas of their marketing strategy, online and offline presence over the last few years – and ongoing! The brand is now extremely strong, is engaging and most importantly it resonates with the volunteers who do so much good work (with their furry partners in crime) to reduce loneliness.

In recognition of this good work, Wag & Company received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for their outstanding work in local communities throughout 2020. This was then followed by the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award in the October of the same year! Great work, by a great charity for some amazing people – an honour for us to be involved!

“The team at Guerilla have consistently provided Wag with outstanding design and digital development work. We are currently relying on them entirely to support our Digital Lottery funded transformation project. Their servicing levels are exceptional and they go the extra mile to ensure that our marketing approach delivers real results.”

Walk for Wag & the friendship dogs

Volunteer spotlight

Website homepage

“Wag teams have accomplished a staggering 70,000 befriending visits and I am delighted that in this period where we have been fighting Coronavirus you have continued to provide comfort to so many through virtual visits.”

Personalised dog tags

Making a difference

Our office dog Trev reppin' Wag & Co

Visiting Wag dog

Walk for Wag at Kielder

Dog in training

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