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Putting some vitality back into the vitamin aisle!

Thanks to our unrivalled expertise, years of experience and well-known reputation in the Pharmaceutical sector as a leading creative agency, Rowlands Pharmacy ​approached us to help them launch a new range of vitamins and supplements.

Interesting challenge…

We were appointed to create a new brand name, identity and marketing strategy for the latest vitamin and supplement range that Rowlands Pharmacy intended to launch into the UK market. The main aim was to ensure that the brand had to stand out, making waves in an already cluttered and overcrowded market.

V Healthcare ambassador holding product packaging.

V Healthcare promotion

Clear thinking…

The new range was named ‘V’ to represent vitality and the design is based upon Scandinavian minimalist creative principles. A total contrast from the usual ‘busy and overwhelming’ Pharma packaging you see on the shelf these days. To help us, we enlisted Kriss Akabusi as our brand ambassador. Kriss’ enthusiasm and effervescent personality perfectly embodies the brand’s values of healthy living and vitality.

Real Results…

Since the launch of ‘V’ vitamin, mineral and supplement range sales and product range has increased substantially. The project has proven without a doubt that private label VMS ranges can be successful marketed as long as the brand positioning is clear and obviously differentiates the product range using strengths such as quality and not just price.

“We are really pleased with the V brand and we feel that our VMS range will give our customers real value for money. Kriss Akabusi is a great fit with the brand as he is an energetic and vibrant character.”
Key ingredients in vitamins shown on product packaging

Product packaging for V Healthcare

Rowlands Pharmacy store front and V Healthcare ambassador

Rowlands Pharmacy store front

V Healthcare large promotional billboard

V Healthcare billboard

Promotional poster

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