The Remi's Unveiled - Excelling in Award Branding

The Background

Remedi Solutions, the fastest growing pharmacy the UK, recently embarked on a journey to celebrate excellence within its organisation through the inaugural ‘The Remi’s’ awards. Following the success of creating their name and identity, Guerilla Communications was tasked with developing an equally compelling identity for their 2023 awards ceremony.

The Challenge…

The challenge was to create a distinctive and memorable identity for ‘The Remi’s’ that would encapsulate the cultural spirit of Remedi Solutions and the essence of the awards. The aim was to design collateral that was not only visually striking but also coherent with the established brand identity of Remedi Solutions. The brand identity then needed to translate across all event collateral, including trophies, certificates, presentation materials, and personalised notebooks and pens.


Proud winner holding one of our bespoke awards


The 'Team of the Year' pure crystal award

A simple, yet clever design that pulls it all together

The Strategy…

Our approach blended creativity with strategic branding. We started with the development of a unique visual identity for ‘The Remi’s,’ which would resonate with the values and prestige of Remedi Solutions. The design process involved close collaboration with the client to ensure that every element, from the trophies to the
event presentation, echoed the excellence and innovation Remedi represents. Our strategy extended to digital promotion, leveraging SEO tactics to enhance online visibility and engagement for the awards.

Real Results

The launch of ‘The Remi’s’ was a resounding success. The cohesive and elegant design of the awards collateral, including the personalised notebooks and pens, received accolades for their creativity and alignment with the Remedi brand ethos. The event itself, adorned with the unique visual identity we created, was a testament to the excellence that Remedi Solutions strives for. Most importantly the event provided a fantastic opportunity for the team at Remedi to celebrate their collective success.

The victorious 'Team of the Year' for 2023

Roll up banners stands that extend the branding

Hardback notebooks for the winners too!

“Guerilla Communications' work on the ‘Remi's' was exceptional. Their creative vision brought our awards to life, perfectly encapsulating the ethos of Remedi Solutions. From the stunning 3D glass trophies to the impactful event design, every detail was crafted with excellence. Guerilla truly helped elevated our event to a memorable celebration of achievement.”
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