Another egg-ceptional rebrand!

The aim of The Good Egg Fellas is to provide the highest quality fresh free-range eggs at a reasonable cost – allowing ethical consumers to enjoy a natural, nutritious food with a clear conscience. The name ‘The Good Egg Fellas’, was chosen to communicate their passion for hen welfare, because “happy hens lay good eggs!”.

Interesting Challenge…

​From humble beginnings in a farm in County Durham, selling locally to individual houses, the Good Egg Fellas had big, bold and ambitious plans for the future, keen to target high-end retailers, restaurants, hotels and cafés across the UK. The Good Egg Fellas asked if we’d help create a brand identity that truly communicated their philosophy, values and beliefs… if only all questions were so easy to answer!

New marque

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Product packaging for The Good Fellas free range egg

Sustainable packaging

Clear Thinking…

​When meeting founder Phil (and his 16,000 hens) as part of our immersion deep dive – collecting all of the insight (and eggs) needed to inform the direction of our rebrand-​ we were​ mesmerized by how warm, friendly and personable he was – so we set about creating an identity that is as unique, charming, passionate and authentic as Phil.

Real Results…

​Since its relaunch, ‘The Good Egg Fellas’ brand has successfully repositioned itself from direct sales to individual households to supplying artisan restaurants and boutique hotels, and although there’s still a lot of work to do, Phil was awarded the British Free Range producer of the year 2015 by the British Free Range Egg Producers Association!

The Good Egg Fellas farmer

Phil Twizell & livestock

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Brand marque

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