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Share Big… With Skylarx

We have a solid track record in rebranding, so when Stuart Webb and Jerry Ranger called and asked us to help them market their latest product innovation, we jumped at the opportunity. Webb & Wells are the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of electric cables which power electrical appliances, supplying global blue-chip companies such as Flymo and Hitachi. Their new B2B product range focuses on screen sharing connectivity involving two units, a transmitter and a receiver. The first connects to your phone, tablet, or laptop, and the second connects to a larger screen. The benefit of this simple plug in and play technology means that you can share 4k content seamlessly up to 30 meters away, without the need for WIFI or any wires.

Interesting Challenge

Unfortunately for Webb & Wells, the initial branding, designs, website, and messaging that had been created for the launch campaign, lacked any real impact, and it certainly did not communicate the key benefits of the Skylarx product. So, our initial focus involved thoroughly researching and testing the product to establish the key benefits and correct messaging hierarchy. We then decided that the brand needed to be recreated to position and reinforce Skylarx as modern, leading edge and a premium brand. Once a solid brand platform had been created, we would then be able to design a launch campaign and digital strategy to really get the till ringing!

Showcasing the usability of the Skylarx ScreenShare.

Beautifully shot product images.

Creative Thinking…

Jerry explained that the Skylarx name was a reference to the Skylark bird, which flies to the highest elevations, but never loses sight of its nest, which is located on the ground. Inspired by this direct line of sight simile, we created a brand which paid tribute to the Skylark by incorporating a modern version of wings. The proposition of ‘Share Big’ and sign off line ‘It just works’ were both created to communicate the products purpose and ease of use. A new bolder colour palette, social media content strategy and people focused photography style were also created to support the relaunch campaign.


Real Results

The overhaul of the Skylarx brand and visual identity was necessary because the brand communications needed to communicate and sell the benefits of the product. Once we had reinvigorated the brand, designed, and built a new Shopify website and delivered a killer marketing strategy, the product started to sell, and plans are now firmly in place for the next generation of Skylarx products.

Total impact on all printed collateral

Outdoor advertising, with impact built in as standard

Sleek packaging designs

“The team at Guerilla have taken our brand and marketing to the next level. They offer real value for money, and they have managed to market our Skylarx product range in a very creative and dynamic way.”

Immersive website

Powerful designs for social media to get clients attention

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