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At Guerilla, we pride ourselves on transforming brand narratives. For over two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of¬†brand strategy,¬†crafting compelling stories that resonate.

Our collaboration with Simply AMR was no different. They had a vision: to be the leading provider of business solutions in the UK. Our challenge? To help them articulate this vision and make it a reality.

Interesting Challenge:

AMR supplied office products, including office stationery, uniforms, facilities management and everything in-between. However, the challenge lay in ensuring that both their internal and external audiences perceived them as ‘A Great Place to Work’ and ‘A Great Customer Experience’. Simply AMR had to differentiate themselves in the crowded office supply market, not only with their services but also their brand.


Outdoor advertising with real charm


Simple, yet classy stationery


Cool and contemporary office graphics

The Strategy:

In our collaboration with Simply AMR, we began by delving deep into their brand pillars, ensuring they were robust and truly reflective of their ethos.

This brand platform was crucial to set the stage for the subsequent steps. We seamlessly integrated Simply AMR’s core values into every facet of their branding, giving them a distinct identity in a saturated market.

By personifying the brand, we gave Simply AMR a voice that was open, honest, and dynamic. This voice was then used to craft content that was straight-talking yet warm, authoritative and dynamic. Every piece of content, every interaction was designed to evoke strong emotions, ensuring that the brand left a lasting impression on its audience.

Real Results

Our strategy bore fruit. Simply AMR’s brand identity was not only strengthened but also resonated deeply with its target audience. The brand saw a surge in trust and loyalty, establishing itself as a leader in its domain. The consistent branding, coupled with a clear message, positioned Simply AMR as the go-to for reliability and innovation for all your business needs.

We are also thrilled to be continuing our work for Simply AMR by designing and launching a refreshed website. As well as celebrating Simply AMR’s incredible twenty years of providing customers with excellent products and services, the company is now a big player in this ever-growing sector.

Sub-brands that work right across all sectors


Charming icons which further enhances their tone of voice


Vibrant T-Shirt design that makes the brand a real stand-out

“The process and detailed exploration applied by Guerilla across the whole project, was excellent. The attention to detail and collaborative understanding, made the whole business feel at ease with what was and is, a drastic change from the original branding established nearly 20 years ago. Drilling down to the root rationale of our ultimate objective for the rebrand, in such an approachable yet meticulous way, created an excitement across the team who embraced the process from start to finish.”

Little touches that build the brand

amr-social media

Social media posts that create real customer engagement


Even the van livery oozes Simply AMR's brand values

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