Serge Lutens - Book of Emotions

Education with an edge!

​Serge Lutens is a prestige perfume and makeup brand distributed in countries worldwide. Created by and named after a pioneering French artist, Mr Lutens who still to this day remains heavily involved in the brand in his own undeniable way. After time spent at Christian Dior and Shiseido during the sixties, seventies and eighties, Lutens founded his eponymous beauty brand in 2000.

Interesting Challenge…

​Known for flipping beauty ideals quite literally on their head, the Serge Lutens brand can be hard to relate to at the best of times, nevermind when you’re trying to promote the latest product ranges. Making this brand accessible for beauty consultants around the world to learn about Mr Lutens’ history of inspirations and hit their sales targets without compromising the exclusivity of the brand is a major challenge… Our challenge.


Clear Thinking…

​A huge pain point for beauty consultants is the amount of training literature they are provided with throughout the year. Solution? Simple. House everything in one place. A brand bible if you will. The Book of Emotions (or brand bible) is as experiential as it is educational, enabling its reader to fully immerse in the world of Lutens, from childhood dreams right through to fragrance collections. But how do you ensure the consultants read it? Even simpler…

Real Results…

​We developed a bible which resembles that of Mr Lutens’ very own art. Something so visually compelling that no one (not even you) would want to put it down. Premiered in Marbella to a small audience of Training Managers, the book has now been translated and rolled out globally to all Serge Lutens beauty representatives across 35 different counties and recognised as a best in class example of a beauty consultant education tool. Good design really does go a long way!

“Our team have a vast amount of experience in the beauty sector, so we understand the challenges a prestige brand faces when trying to ensure their NPD training is accessible without compromising the exclusivity of the brand. It’s important our training concepts offer tangible benefits for the beauty consultants to apply directly in store to ensure sales targets are met in this very niche sector.”
“The Book of Emotions was exquisite work there is no doubt about it! I am so pleased with the level of quality and it’s a pleasure working with Guerilla!”
Emily Veness Budin, International Retail Education Training Manager at Serge Lutens
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