Campaigning for the community!

Sunderland as a city has made a strong reputation of bouncing back from tough economic times where people in the area have faced challenges with health issues, living standards, unemployment, debt and the impact of welfare reforms. Sunderland City Council wanted to implement a platform to engage communities allowing them to take control of their lives for the benefit of Sunderland and the economy.

Interesting Challenge…

​The Council has three overarching priority areas designed to improve the city as a whole. These are ‘Place’, ‘Economy’ and of course… ‘People’. A brand and visual identity has already been established for ‘Economy’ (Make it Sunderland) and ‘Place’ (See it do it). Our mission was to generate a distinctive visual identity for the ‘People’ strategy.

Clear Thinking…

​The name had to bring in a strong sense of community, belonging and civic pride so ‘All Together Sunderland’ was born. The visual identity paid homage to the people of Sunderland and their industrial heritage of the area, represented by the cogs, which also symbolises the cohesiveness of different size communities and the people of Sunderland working together for the greater good. Once the identity was created we clearly identified the key themes for the campaign.

Real Results…

​The campaign saw incredible success and was applied across a range of external media across the Sunderland area including press, digital,
radio, social media… and even a piggy bank. Not only did the campaign tap into the lives of the ‘people’, but All Together Sunderland also influenced local councillors and community leaders promoting positive behavioural change across the board.

Wellbeing magazine

Wellbeing contents page

Wellbeing illustration


Cross platform poster

Location specific poster

Washington leisure centre hoarding board

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48 sheet poster

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