Prima Cheese - 25th Anniversary


Prima Cheese is a revolutionary dairy processing company based here in the North East, producing over 500 tons of grated, diced, shredded and block cheese every week. Its strong family heritage is the backbone of the business, grown from humble beginnings by its founders Mr and Mrs Beni in 1996. Now as one of the biggest cheese processors in the UK and operating within international markets too, the exceptional growth of what was once a small family start-up is undeniable. As they reach their 25th anniversary of success, Mr and Mrs Beni look towards the future as they hand over to their children Nagma and Nima to take over the business.

Interesting Challenge

We were asked to create a brand identity and campaign to help celebrate the 25 years of Prima with all of their successes and challenges considered along the way. As humble and modest as they may be, we knew this would be a special story to tell. With an important emphasis on reflecting their passion for family values and hard work, we carried out extensive and detailed research into the company history and of course, – the Beni Family.

Clear Thinking…

We needed to create a celebratory identity to mark the outstanding success of Prima Cheese. The marque and sub-marques were drawn up by our design team as a playful and bright reflection of the company culture. At the heart of Prima are its people – so we interviewed and filmed employees, directors, suppliers and local trade organisations to create a highly personalised, sentimental video to capture this business and what makes it and the Beni family so successful. To compliment the video, we produced a hard back coffee table book capturing the story of the Beni family and their business success. The book details their humble beginnings, resilience and innovation in the face of challenges along the way and of course, where they see the future for Prima Cheese from here.

Real Results

The Beni family were delighted with how we managed to capture the culture of both their family and business values within a bright, personable brand identity. The book, complete with images, ‘cheesy facts’, stats, testimonials and on-brand artwork was brilliantly received by the family, their friends, colleagues, suppliers and customers. The video was a sentimental trip down memory-lane for the family, as well as a message of great appreciation and thanks to all of the people who have supported, believed in, worked for, advised and encouraged Prima over the last 25 years.

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