Annual Impact Report for international charity Picker.

Picker is an international charity working across social and health care. Established in 2000, their organisation continues to have a significant impact in the field of person and family centred care. Working across the health and social care systems their approach is simple, using patient experience of healthcare to identify the priorities in delivering the highest care quality.  The work that Picker gets involved in is wide-ranging and varied in order to ensure their work stays focused on their vision. Picker is here to:

Influence policy and practice so that health and social care systems are always centred around people’s needs and preferences.

Inspire the delivery of the highest quality healthcare, developing tools and services which enable all patient’s experiences to be better understood

Empower staff working in health and social care to improve patient experience by effectively measuring and acting upon people’s feedback.

“We have found working in partnership with Guerilla to be a productive and valuable experience. The team are friendly and professional, and they really understood our brand and catered to our individual needs on a personal and proactive level.”

Working in partnership with Guerilla

The charity was looking for a creative agency to design and produce their ‘Impact Report’, a 36-page document published annually alongside Picker’s annual report to comply with the Charities Act.

A key role of the report is to act a marketing tool for Picker, informing stakeholders of the charity’s activities, and demonstrating the charity’s usefulness. The Impact Report is intended to drive engagement and generate leads for new partners and projects.

Guerilla was selected to work with Picker on the project, particularly based upon the creative flair and project management process demonstrated in the proposal.

The aim was to develop the Picker Impact Report for 2018, refreshing the look and feel to make the document more modern, reader-friendly and ultimately more engaging. The team also wanted to document the variety of outcomes and progress that the Picker team has achieved throughout the year.

Working closely with Picker’s marketing function, Guerilla designed and developed the new brochure, truly getting behind the brand. The challenge here was to ensure that Picker’s brand guidelines were adhered to whilst still delivering to offer a fresh take on it.

“We wanted to instil a fresh take on our existing brand whilst still focusing on our charity’s vision and mission. Guerilla have helped us to achieve this and have inspired us to think more about how we use our current branding to reach and influence our stakeholders. We look forward to collaborating with Guerilla in 2019.”
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