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Picker is an international charity working across social and health care. Established in 2000, their organisation continues to have a significant impact in the field of person and family centred care. Their approach is simple, using patient experience of healthcare to identify the priorities in delivering the highest care quality.

Interesting Challenge…

​We were tasked to design and produce Picker’s annual ‘Impact Report’. A key role of the report is to act as a marketing tool, informing stakeholders of the charity’s activities and generating leads for new partners and projects. The challenge was to ensure that Picker’s brand guidelines were adhered to whilst still delivering to offer a fresh take on it.



Research spread


Picker timeline

Clear Thinking…

Working closely with Picker’s marketing function, we designed and developed the new brochure including an online flipbook. Our clear objective was to deliver the results of the charities activities in the most impactful and interesting way. Producing a design that was more modern, reader-friendly and ultimately more engaging.

Real Results…

​The report has transformed from being an outdated, often overlooked document to something fresh and full of celebration of what has been achieved by the charity over the last 12 months. Due to client satisfaction, we have been asked to produce the Picker impact reports for 3 consecutive years now​. If that’s not a result, we don’t know what is!

“We have found working in partnership with Guerilla to be a productive and valuable experience. The team are friendly and professional, and they really understood our brand and catered to our individual needs on a personal and proactive level.”

Cover design


Global impact

“We wanted to instil a fresh take on our existing brand whilst still focusing on our charity’s vision and mission. Guerilla have helped us to achieve this and have inspired us to think more about how we use our current branding to reach and influence our stakeholders. We look forward to collaborating with Guerilla in 2019.”

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Pickers heritage


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