We’ve worked with pharmacy retail and wholesale giant The PHOENIX Group for quite a while, most recently on the successful rollout of their own label European branding and packaging. So when UK based PHOENIX company Numark decided now was the time to refresh their own label packaging range, Guerilla was a shoo in. 

Selection of Numark first aid packs on display

Our challenge was to bring a degree of continuity to the entire Groups packaging, whilst still making it specific and relevant to an exclusively UK based audience. Consistency is key when building any meaningful brand presence and we worked closely with the team at Numark to audit and review the extensive range of over 300 own label packs, identifying and establishing a clear and consistent set of packaging guidelines that would be robust and flexible enough to work across a multitude of packaging formats – from folding boxes to pouches and tubes.

The range needed to stand out on the shelf in a noisy retail environment, so each individual pack is meticulously designed to ensure that the Numark brand marque is prominent and establish a consistent visual language that is easily identified, recognised and understood by both the customer and the pharmacists.

A selection of Numark vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) range

Product groups have been visually categorised in logical, colour-coded ranges and sub-ranges, clearly signposting key product features benefits to ensure that the customer experience is as straightforward and hassle free as possible.

That, of course, is all well and good, but as with so many things – the devil is in the detail. Pharmaceutical packaging in the UK is subject to a strict regulatory approval process that can be time-consuming and is closely monitored, so all of our pack artwork had to be accurate enough to guarantee compliance with the relevant industry bodies – so it was vital that our checks, proofing and sign-off procedures were both robust and relentlessly enforced.

Numark pregnancy test packs
Numark case study statistic
Numark case study statistic
A selection of Numark vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) range

Of course the story doesn’t end there, a big part of our responsibility in a project of this nature is to oversee production and overcome its challenges – taking into account volumes, lead times and liaising with multiple print houses around the world to ensure that print quality and colour replication is uniform regardless of printer or location of origin.

It is this combination of good design, attention to detail and rigour that ensures that the Numark packaging is building on the PHOENIX reputation for quality and value in over 3,000 retail outlets across the UK.

“Guerilla are extremely easy to work with, they consistently deliver a high standard of artwork for the Numark brand, they are friendly, professional and above all excellent at what they do.”
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