Devising a new brand and ambitious marketing strategy delivered across all marketing materials

A strategic opportunity was identified for PHOENIX UK to become a nationwide ‘Dispensing Appliance Contractor’. The acquisition of the DAC License enables the PHOENIX Group to enter a new market channel estimated to be worth in the region of £480 Million. The overall strategy is ambitious but achievable with the new company aiming to be a competitive and significant player in the UK within three years from a standing start.  With a new company launch, Guerilla was briefed on devising the new brand and marketing strategy for the company.

NuCare website design on desktop

Together with input throughout from NuCare, we have created their brand, identifying and defining their vision and values and ultimately making sure that the communication of that vision and customer-focus was delivered across all their marketing materials. The niche NuCare audience was imperative to keep in mind when reviewing the brand and it was important to create a brand with supporting materials, which reflected this audience and gave NuCare the credibility and authority when communicating to this specific customer base.

With a creation of a brand also came a NuCare mission, a brand proposition, values and a personality with a clear tone of voice. The brand also offers a marque, typography and colour ways and imagery which underlines NuCare’s role within the UK’s healthcare purchasing market as well as a proposition and selling line. Specific key elements are also being currently progressed including monthly newsletters, promotional flyers, customer facing booklets, magazines, catalogues and stationery.

NuCare website homepage
NuCare magazine covers NuCare stoma care book

While this new look is the visual representation, it is far from being merely cosmetic. It increases the clarity of NuCare’s communications and proactively supports their service provision by creating a strong foundation for the design and build development of a new website. The brand brings alive NuCare’s vision and renewed customer focus.

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NuCare Stationary made by our creative design agency NuCare branded van
NuCare couple on moped advertisement
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