Launch and design of a thought provoking 'stand out' advertising campaign

As part of our continued work with Network Ticketing, we launched a thought provoking new campaign designed to persuade commuters across Tyne & Wear that the ‘anytime’ network one ticket is the best way to travel where they want, when they want.

Join The Transport Revolution campaign ad

We decided to deliver a challenging and revolutionary theme for the campaign. The battle cry is for the public to break free from the shackles of driving and join the transport revolution by using the multi-model anytime ticket. Hard-hitting headlines such as ‘overthrow the tyranny of the car’ and ‘fight rising fuel and parking prices’ are supported by a unique blend of 1920’s Cuban, Russian and Chinese revolutionary style illustrations featuring the public marching forward together.

Join The Transport Revolution poster advertisement
Join The Transport Revolution campaign advertisement in metro station Join The Transport Revolution campaign advertisement outside
“There is no point in running a campaign that gets lost in the noise and doesn’t get noticed. In this economic environment you have to have stand out and then deliver a clear call to action. I know that our audience are going to take notice of this campaign and hopefully that will show in the number of tickets we sell.”
Join The Transport Revolution billboard
Join The Transport Revolution branded cups
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