Branding… Now that’s a bright idea!

The North of England Education Conference (NEEC) is the UK’s biggest annual education conference. The event provides an opportunity for senior decision-makers in education, Children’s Services, the public sector, associated agencies and organisations to meet and consider the latest thinking and legislation affecting children and young people.

Interesting Challenge…

We were asked to create the branding and associated marketing materials for their upcoming conference. Hosted by the North East of England’s 12 Local Education Authorities, the conference was held at the prestigious Sage Gateshead at the heart of the Gateshead Quayside. ​No pressure then!

Learn & Create marketing material for NEEC conference

Conference identity

NEEC marketing poster

Hanging poster

Clear Thinking…

​The conference brought together some of the UK’s Leading politicians and education professionals under the theme ‘LEARN, CREATE’. We took this as our foundation for the brand identity of the NEEC exhibition and thus the process of illumination was born!

Real Results…

​Following the launch of the NEEC’s new branding, the event was a huge success. Since then, the event has become a permanent fixture in the diary of the Secretary of State and the shadow spokesperson from the main opposition parties. ​Talk about moving in the right circles!

Event booklet

NEEC branding logo

Neon identifier

Itinerary booklet

Close up image of NEEC logo

Neon close-up

Learn & Create NEEC advertising poster for 2006 conference

Conference running order

NEEC poster banner

Banner stand

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