A single brand distributed across 14 European countries
We have designed over 300 own label multi language packs
The PHOENIX Group have over 1400 stores in Europe

The devil is in the detail!

Following the success of the ​BENU​ brand, (created by Guerilla in 2012 – now the market-leading pharmacy brand on mainland Europe), pharmacy retail and wholesale giant ​The PHOENIX Group​ approached us to create and brand for their private-label range, LIVSANE. Working closely with their teams we were asked to create a brand that would carry across all categories and work across the European countries.

Interesting Challenge…

Consistency is key when building any meaningful brand presence and it was consistency where our challenge lay. We needed to establish a language and naming convention robust enough to leave no margin for error but flexible enough to work effectively (and be compliant) in multiple countries, across a wide and varying range of packaging sizes and formats, from folding boxes to blister packs and tubes.

Vitamin range

Clear Thinking…

The LIVSANE ranges needed to be consistent in their naming and layout conventions to ensure ease when navigating the range at shelf. We split the range into eight colour-coded categories with their own individual colour palettes, clearly, signposting key product features benefits to ensure that the customer experience was as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. Because our artwork would be sent to printers all over Europe it would be challenging for us to retain this level of control, so our design team created a packaging bible, swatch book for the entire LIVSANE range and lots of useful guidance for print houses to follow.

Real Results…

From Germany to the Czech Republic, the LIVSANE brand and product range have been brought to life across many independent pharmacies. Standing out at shelf from their dull counterparts. Through our meticulous measures to ensure consistency of colour and high-quality print, we have not only maintained PHOENIX’s reputation amongst customers, but we’ve also elevated it, exceeding the expectations of our client, (and theirs!). LIVSANE is available in eight categories: Medical (prescription-free OTC products), Natural & Herbal, Personal Care, Mother & Baby Care, Health & Protection, Diagnostics & Supportive Tools, First Aid, and Feminine Hygiene.

“A significant challenge in a significantly growing assortment is to meet customers’ expectations and to communicate the brand values on all LIVSANE products in the best way. Guerilla is a strong partner in developing our Private Label range from the drawing board to final product packages distributed in 14 different countries in Europe.”

First aid range

Herbal drops

Effervescent tubes

LIVSANE Ear Thermometer Pack on purple background

Ear thermometer

Omega fish oils

Hot lemon drink

Personal care

Pregnancy test

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