The Background

Little Angels Nursery were looking to scale up and grow the number of nursery sites rapidly. After attending one of our branding workshops, founder Debbie felt confident that a solid brand strategy and a distinctive visual identity was needed and appointed our team to take their brand forward.

Interesting Challenge…

It was important to research and have a 360-degree understanding of the Little Angels business including their current brand values, positioning, proposition and culture. We did this by carrying out one-to-one interviews with each of the team and at each site. It became event that their approach to childcare was influenced by Scandinavian educational practices.

Full Logo Marque with Angel Icon

Examples of illustrations

Selection of roundel lockups

The Strategy

It was important that we really defined each aspect of the brand, so we created a comprehensive brand platform to build our strategy and visual identity upon. The proposition line ‘Shaping our future, together’ was designed to talk to the Children, Parents, Employees and the wider communities. The new marque was playful, featuring an angel ‘A’, and a fresh colour palette, including a hand scripted font.

Real Results

The brand platform was used to communicate the essence of Little Angels to launch the brand internally. The new visual identity was launched and used to commemorate Little Angels Nursery twenty-five-year anniversary. We recently rolled out new graphics and signage for all five sites and designed and built a new website which can be viewed at

Website header

Values booklet

“They were able to expertly express our core values in effective, well focussed language that was accessible to all with a flair for straplines, promises and a brand temple that we've been able to use as a training tool as well as for marketing purposes. The highly creative approach to our new logo, graphics, signage and website are highly engaging, and on release of the website, enquiries increased straight away.”

Reception and external sign

Van livery

A range of merchandise

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