Launching herb+ Energy Spray, A Blend of Nature and Science

The Background

herb+, an innovative UK-based direct-to-consumer supplement brand, has made a bold entry into the wellness market with its flagship product, the ‘energy’ blend. This marks the beginning of a diverse and holistic wellness product line, featuring innovative supplements in spray formats. The energy product, free from caffeine, is a testament to herb+’s commitment to holistic wellness, combining medicinal plants, mushrooms, essential vitamins, and minerals.

The Challenge…

The primary challenge for the herb+ UK launch was to introduce and position their unique ‘energy’ blend in a saturated supplement market. The goal was not only to launch a product but to establish herb+ as a pioneer in integrating traditional and alternative medicine into everyday wellness practices. The challenge was heightened by the need to convey the product’s unique caffeine-free energy proposition and its roots in holistic health.

herb+ Energy Spray, A Blend of Nature and Science

A bespoke photo shoot that resonates with its audience

The Strategy

To effectively launch the ‘energy’ blend, Guerilla Communications developed a multifaceted approach. Our strategy included an extensive photo shoot to visually capture the essence of the product, a targeted PR campaign to generate buzz and awareness, and a robust social media campaign. The social media strategy leveraged the founders’ following on TikTok, “The Herbal Docs,” to engage with a community already interested in alternative wellness practices. The messaging focused on the science-backed benefits of the product, its natural ingredients, and its distinction from traditional caffeine-based energy supplements.

Real Results

The launch of herb+’s ‘energy’ blend has been met with enthusiasm and interest. The photo shoot images effectively conveyed the natural and scientific aspects of the product, resonating with a health-conscious audience. The PR campaign successfully positioned herb+ as a trailblazer in the wellness industry, garnering attention from both consumers and industry insiders. On social media, the engagement with the public has led to increased brand visibility and interest in the ‘energy’ blend, setting a solid foundation for the introduction of future products in herb+’s innovative range.

Getting super social on the photo shoot

Focusing on the science-backed benefits for social media

Creating a real buzz for the launch

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