JamJar now screens over 1,500 showings a year, from over 200 films!
JamJar has helped with fund-raising events which have raised more than £80,000 for local good causes!
JamJar won the 'For the Love of Film' BAFTA at 2019's prestigious ceremony!

Cinema as it should be!

It’s fair to say that JamJar is not your typical cinema, and the JamJar experience is certainly not your typical 21st century cinema experience! There are no overpriced hotdogs or nachos, in fact, it’s as far away as it’s possible to get from the faceless, corporate multiplex. But Dan wanted more, and when he felt ready to embark on the next phase of his ambitious plan – a new brand that truly reflected this difference, embodied his vision and philosophy and would help him realise his ambitions for expanding his JamJar empire – he got in touch with Guerilla.

Interesting challenge…

So why JamJar? That was our first question too, turns out that the name originates from the not so distant past, when you’d be able to get into your local cinema cheaper, or even for free, on production of a Jam Jar! A practice that, having originated in North Tyneside, took hold in cinemas all over the country, typically in areas of widespread deprivation and heavy industry, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow (where it was known as J’eely Jar Cinema), and was common as recently as the 1970’s.

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Clear thinking…

We set out initially to understand and identify the essence of JamJar using competitor analysis and research tools to help us, but after a few face-to-face meetings, it became increasingly obvious that the answer was literally sitting right in front of us – it was Dan – he was the brand. The real challenge then became to create a brand identity that embodied Dan’s vision, his passionate belief in inclusivity and accessibility.

Real results…

We’re delighted with the success of our partnership with JamJar. We helped their annual audience grow from 5,000 to 50,000… not bad for a single 50 seat cinema! On top of this, the hard work and dedication from everybody involved with JamJar resulted in them winning the ‘For the Love of Film’ BAFTA award in 2019. That’s definitely some real results!

“I was absolutely thrilled with the brand identity that Guerilla created for JamJar Cinema, they really understood our philosophy and what I was trying to achieve with it and it’s been a huge hit with everyone! I really do feel that our brand has been instrumental in our success.”
Dan Ellis, Owner
Jam Jar Cinema Programme

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