Illuminating North East Success – A Beacon for Entrepreneurial Achievements


As an integral Corporate Partner of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, we at Guerilla are privileged to have contributed to the illustrious rebranding of the Entrepreneurial Awards. This event is a hallmark of excellence, showcasing the robust entrepreneurial spirit of the North East, and celebrates the outstanding success stories and vital contributions of our region’s entrepreneurs. 

Interesting Challenge:

This year presented an exhilarating opportunity; to endow the event with a unique identity that would resonate with the pulsating vibrancy of entrepreneurial triumphs across the North East. Our dedicated team at Guerilla was ready to rise to this occasion, committed to creating an identity that mirrors the ingenuity and zest of our local business landscape.

A prestigious award night with an added glow up

Illuminating results on social media too!

The striking visual identity

The Strategy:

Our approach involved a blend of innovation and art. We crafted a social media campaign as lively and spirited as the entrepreneurs it honoured. By weaving a radiant neon motif throughout the event’s branding, our goal was to cast a spotlight on the business leaders’ milestones in an unprecedented fashion. With the power of social media engagement, we tailored every facet of our marketing plan to elevate the event’s profile and amplify attendance

Real Results

The outcome was an overwhelming triumph. The event reached capacity, with an impressive surge in attendance over previous years. The Hilton Newcastle Gateshead basked in the glow of neon illumination, enhancing the festive mood among elated winners and guests. Our role as a Corporate Partner filled us with immense pride, having developed an event identity that not only showcased the entrepreneurial successes of the North East but also exemplified the collective dedication of our Guerilla team. It was an evening that cast an illustrious spotlight on the extraordinary accomplishments within our business community.

The beautifully crafted, iridescent award brochure

The proud award winners collecting their neon inspired awards

The clever strapline used in a neon font

“We partnered with Guerilla in 2022 - a year which celebrated 20 years of both the Entrepreneurs’ Forum and Guerilla. Since then, we’ve worked closely with the team on a rebrand for one of the largest events in our calendar, our Entrepreneurial Awards.From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final execution, the Guerilla team demonstrated a deep understanding of our vision and translated it into a visual identity that perfectly captures the spirit of our event. The result is a colourful, striking and unique identity which we were proud to unveil during our 2023 awards ceremony.Working with Guerilla has not only elevated our brand but has also sparked a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the Entrepreneurial Awards which is now in its 19th year. We'd just like to say a huge thank you to the entire team for their passion, professionalism and the exceptional work they do!”
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