Husqvarna - Seasonal Design & Advertising

Standing out for the right reasons!

​Husqvarna are well known as one of the worlds largest providers of outdoor power tools, and along with their main sub-brands; Flymo, McCulloch and GARDENA. We were tasked to work on a series of marketing and promotional material to be used at various conferences throughout the UK and Europe, including the Glee Exhibition in Birmingham (the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living trade show for the retail industry).

Interesting Challenge…

​The aim was to help Husqvarna and its sub-brands successfully position themselves as the all in 1 supplier for garden care on the market through the use of relevant and engaging content. The key message of the brief was strength, and to emphasize that Husqvarna as a whole, offers the most robust products on the market for the end consumer to use and enjoy with ease.





Clear Thinking…

​We understood that the market space is filled with convenience-seekers, which means that when the consumers do spend, they want tools to minimise strains and aches as well as get the job done as quickly as possible so that they can get back to doing what they enjoy most. The key to achieving the brief was to create literature that was as engaging, as it was informative. Most of the products were previously specification driven so we cut through the “jargon” to highlight the USP’s of each product in a way that was easily understood.

Real Results…

​As a result of year-long promotional material, we helped Husqvarna position themselves as an innovative lifestyle brand of choice, rather than just an everyday ‘garden tool supplier’. Satisfying both client and end consumer with a range of materials promoted online and offline. Protecting Husqvarna’s already prestigious position in the marketplace was key. We are proud to have not only done that, but accelerated their success with individual product victories such as becoming the No.1 in robotics in the UK.

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