The Background

As part of our ongoing relationship with Flymo, a leading innovator and manufacturer of gardening tools, we were asked to tackle a unique market opportunity for their robotic lawn mower range. Flymo’s research had uncovered a lack of understanding about robotic lawn mowers among UK consumers, highlighting a need for targeted education.

Interesting Challenge…

Our key challenge was to demystify the concept of robotic lawn compatibilities and care. There was a clear gap in consumer knowledge about these mowers’ capabilities, especially misconceptions regarding the robotic lawn mower performance on slopes, and in rainy conditions.


An innovative campaign that is cutting edge


Engaging website to bring the campaign to life

The Strategy

Our strategy was twofold: to educate and to highlight the benefits of Flymo’s robotic lawn mower range. We created content that clearly explained how Flymo’s robotic mowers are adept at handling various terrains and weather conditions, dispelling prevailing myths. Simultaneously, we communicated the advantages of Flymo’s mowers, focusing on their convenience, eco-friendliness, and advanced technology.

Real Results

The campaign was a landmark success and helped to elevate Flymo’s status in the market, not just as a manufacturer but as an educational leader in robotic lawn care. Sales have increased, brand awareness has grown, and importantly research has shown that consumer understanding and confidence in robotic lawn mowers as significantly increased.


Online presence that keeps Flymo at the top


Bespoke illustrations designed to highlight its unique features

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