The Teads campaign generated over 14.3M impressions with 40k clicks
Another campaign generated a 572% return on ad spend
Across the YouTube ads 74% were watched to completion


As part of the Husqvarna Group, Flymo are one of the leading high-quality garden tool suppliers in Europe. With lockdowns and restrictions causing disruption to their normal marketing calendar, they were looking to grow their exposure and promote their latest products via a social media and remarketing campaign.

Interesting Challenge

After being introduced to Flymo’s digital promotion partner, we were tasked with creating a series of digital assets which would then be used to promote selected products. Each platform, location or medium that the adverts were listed on came complete with specific requirements that had to be met in order for the adverts to be approved.

Clear Thinking…

As the main goal of the campaign was to increase traffic and improve sales, we knew it would be important to make the adverts stand out in a very competitive market – all whilst remaining within the Flymo brand guidelines. This led us to creating a series of adverts that showcased the features, benefits and price through both imagery and animated GIFs.

Real Results

This was a great campaign to be involved in, working closely with the team from the get-go to ensure maximum ROI. On top of that, the campaign was a resounding success, with one of the channels alone generating a 572% ROAS. When you partner this with across the board growth in engagement, exposure and traffic at record highs despite the lockdowns and restrictions.

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