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Innovative By Nature…

Brand communication strategies are something that the team here just love creating, we enjoy simplifying the most complex businesses, products, and branding challenges. FiberLean® Technologies is the leading global producer of Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC), and their sustainable range of applications is constantly growing, and includes sectors such as paper, packaging, MFC, food coatings and fire repellent technologies. Recently purchased by global Giant Werhahn Group, FiberLean needed to transition from a research and development business to a leading global provider of MFC applications.

Interesting Challenge

With virtually a blank canvas to work with, our team were employed to create a new brand, develop a new digital strategy, and support FiberLean with a marketing strategy that would rapidly commercialise their business. A major challenge was understanding the science behind MFC and the wide range of applications that could be created. The disruptive nature of FiberLean and their technologies also needed to reposition as the leading player in its field, so a major objective of the rebranding exercise was change management and winning the employees hearts and minds.

Teaser Campaign Video


Business cards capture the networked and joined up concept.

Creative Thinking…

Once we had flown down to FiberLeans head office in Cornwall and met the team we started to think about the fibres and connectivity involved in MFC. It was also clear that MFC can help produce sustainable applications such as paper and packaging without using pulp from trees. Our creative rationale for the new visual identity involved creating a graphical representation of fibre, scientific intelligence, and business connectivity by creating a 3D marque with connecting line graphics across its face. The value proposition line ‘innovative by nature’ was incorporated into the brand platform to reflect the disruptive and sustainable nature of the business.


Real Results

The FiberLean brand creation and subsequent marketing strategy has helped the business rapidly transcend from a R&D company to a global commercial entity leading the way in MFC manufacture and distribution. The brand offers the diversity to stretch across continents, product ranges and industries as diverse as paper, packaging, furniture, farming, and fire protection to name by a few. We’re excited to now be working on a new website and digital presence, incorporating our work on the new brand.


The FiberLean PPE branding is on point.


A major glow-up, even for the FiberLean lanyards.


FiberLean's new and exciting website

“We needed an experienced marketing partner who could understand the intricacies of our business and market and deliver a highly strategic and all-encompassing branding solution on a global level. Guerilla has created a unique game-changing brand platform that is transforming our internal culture and external awareness, positioning FiberLean as the global MFC market leader.”

Billboard advertising that makes a real impact.


Our mixture of inter-twining and natural subjects.


The connectivity theme runs seamlessly through all branding.

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