Interesting challenge:

MFC innovator and leader, FiberLean Technologies appointed our team to create a new global brand strategy including a new website and digital strategy. Once the new brand and website was developed, we formulated a winning integrated launch strategy to achieve FiberLean’s marketing and sales goals. The challenge was significant: how to reintroduce a new fresh brand to a global niche audience, while also targeting a diverse range of specific industries and demographics. Budget was also a very important consideration and the team rose to the occasion, crafting a LinkedIn campaign that was as innovative as it was effective.

The strategy:

The campaign was a blend of sponsored content, InMail messages, dynamic ads, and video type adverts, each tailored to resonate with the target audience. Careful pre-testing of our messaging and creative content in advance of the main launch allowed us to formulate a highly potent and honed campaign. In addition to rebranding FiberLean as and entity and rebranding the products range we also introduced and featured their team (including their CEO) into several on and offline media channels.


LinkedIn app on fire when the campaign went live

Just really impressive engagement


The meticulously crafted content, underscoring FiberLean’s commitment to sustainability and their ground-breaking operations, struck a chord with professionals across various sectors. The campaign and modest budget achieved a 1.65 engagement rate, B2B campaigns in November/December in the UK was much lower at 0.45. Over 25% of (500,200) viewers watched the entire FiberLean video from start to finish, at the time the UK average was only 7.5%.


The campaign reached over 1 million LinkedIn users globally, significantly increasing FiberLeans global visibility. Our activities resulted in a 60% increase in lead generation compared to the previous quarter. The InMail messages were especially successful, with a 20% response rate leading to high-quality leads.


Creatively pouring the audiences in


Successful interactions with key people


Massive upscaling on lead generation

“The results speak for themselves - increased brand awareness, a significant boost in website traffic, and a surge in lead generation. But beyond the numbers, it's the quality of the connections and conversations we've started that truly underscore the campaign's success.”

Analysing and testing is key to generating the right results

Making it agile and flexible

Reaching the widest audience as possible

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