Far & Wild - Brochure Design

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Far & Wild are a niche, luxury travel company and their main focus is to create tailor-made holidays and trips for an audience wanting a sustainable and genuine experience. Managing Director Ben Morison has over 20 years of experience in the travel sector and his team are happy to take you anywhere from Cape Town to Khartoum. Far & Wild have a strong mission to be the leading travel company in the world for each of the continents they operate in. They believe focusing on the community they have built with customers and suppliers will help them achieve this.

Interesting Challenge…

To develop their business further Far & Wild needed to create a distinctive range of guidebooks. Each holiday was designed to be a ‘once in a life-time’ experience, creating memories that would last forever. Each guide needed to engage and capture the reader’s imagination and clearly demonstrate the high value and unique nature of the authentic holiday. The travel guides would need to look distinctively different from one another, but also form a complementary look with that exotic Far & Wild feel.


Clear Thinking…

Our approach was to take the existing branding and explore ways to introduce a colour palette that would work well with the logo and also help bring the spreads to life. Concepts were designed using interesting illustrations and photography, and our team designed a suite of icons to use throughout the guidebook as a quick go-to for top tips and facts, making the guidebook more user friendly. To keep the reader’s attention the design had to achieve a change of pace for each section of the guide, and we kept everything on track, through good communication, achieving deadlines and excellent attention to detail.

Real Results…

The first guide featuring the amazing attractions of Namibia has just been completed and will soon be available in digital and environmentally printed formats. Our team worked hard with our client to ensure that the Far & Wild guides achieved what we set out to do, which was to create, bring to life, and sell the potential holiday experience off the page. Designing and creating the guidebooks remains a priority project, and Far & Wild are just about to start taking their lucky customers on those amazing holidays in Namibia very soon!


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