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After hearing about our work from Skylarx Tec, Charlotte Webb, from Webb & Wells contacted our team, with the requirement of naming a brand and creating a brand identity for their new venture. The family-owned business has been manufacturing and supplying power cables, audio visual products, cable harness and custom cable design for nearly five decades. Charlotte Webb decided it was now time for the business to enter the EV car charging market and needed a distinctive new brand and online e-commerce presence.

The Challenge

The process of naming a brand is never easy, largely because it is difficult to think of names that are relevant, unique and are not already used within the same sector. We started the process by carrying out extensive market research, checking availability of relevant domain names. Once potential trademark clashes were completed, we shortlisted over fifty new brand names down to three. Once the chosen name had be decided we went ahead and created the brand identity.

Fast charging, making journeys more relaxing.

Process of naming visual design

How the logo was born...

Vibrant colour palette to stand out from the crowd.

Clear Thinking…

The ExpeedEV Charging Cables was chosen principally to reflect the rapid charging attributes of the cables. The strapline ‘connecting you to a better future’ linked a positive environmental benefit of driving an electric car with the brands ability to enable the electrical connectivity. Electric Vehicle was included within the name to help with search engine optimisation. Graphically the identity formed a simple, clean, and modern graphic form the letter ‘E’. Our research had established that many competitors had used a green colourway, so we decided to differentiate ExpeedEV with a warm red colour pallet.


Real Results

Webb & Wells now have a distinctive brand for their new EV cable company. We have now completed and just launched a new e-commerce website and sales have exceed all targets. The team are now focusing on a digital strategy including social media, email marketing campaigns, PPC and search engine optimisation strategy. The product portfolio will continue to expand in line with the business as it grows into different sectors and geographic markets.

Website Design

A website site to be proud of.

Mobile Design

Sleek contemporary website design ready for any device.

“The Guerilla Team have been fantastic in helping rebrand the business. From the initial discussions of our visions, to working towards the production of a new website, I cannot fault the team who have produced high quality work within such a short time frame. Both James and Shane have been very approachable and professional, and we look forward to working together in the future.”

Effortless charging on a wide range of car models.

Communicating to the future generation with the us of social media.

Compact and lightweight easy for on the road.

Making journeys easier.

Simplicity is key when creating a brands icons.

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