Developing attention grabbing IBA Kit for one of the UK’s leading charities

Drinkaware is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to reducing alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking, providing impartial, evidence-based information, advice and practical resources. Research shows that close to 10 million people regularly exceed the Governments lower risk guidelines and of specific concern are male drinkers aged between 45 and 60, who make up one-quarter of the UK’s population, but account for half of all alcohol related deaths.

To address this audience Drinkaware have created the Equip campaign which is a three-year programme focused on equipping adults, who regularly drink over the low risk government guidelines, with the knowledge and ability to make better decisions about their drinking.

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As part of the Equip campaign, Drinkaware tasked Guerilla with designing and creating an Alcohol Identification & Brief Advice Kit (IBA Kit) that could be used in community pharmacy and community healthcare settings. The solution would need to achieve a number of key objectives and be delivered in both physical and digital formats.

The solution must be Stand-alone and be “self-explanatory” so when it arrives in a pharmacy, the staff know exactly what is expected of them. It should also Provide training collateral that is simple, engaging and easy to follow and appeal to a broad adult audience without alienating the core midlife men audience of 45 – 64 years.

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Our solution comprised of a kit of parts that would neatly fit into and arrive in a self-contained box. With very little, if any, information sent out before the kits arrived, the outside of the box was designed to immediately engage and encourage staff to open it. Once the recipient had opened the box they would follow a step-by-step guide outlining how to use and administer the customer facing materials. The client was keen that the communications were clearly differentiated so we used contrasting colour ways and a ‘staff use only’ identifiers – making for easy use.

The way the IBA was conducted was really important so a graphic style was used that was not too “word” heavy. We also created an animated training video, which is easy to follow and understand. Once the staff completed their training they were ready to start the IBA and implement the external communications, including point of sale materials.

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“At the start of this project Guerilla were both, new to working with Drinkaware and new to developing behaviour change interventions. Despite this they managed to get under the skin of the Drinkaware brand very quickly and came up with a design that was both on brand but also attention grabbing which is exactly what we were looking for.”
Drinkaware staff information guide
Drinkaware Quiz
“The project itself was quite complicated and complex and therefore was a learning process for all involved, there were a few bumps and frustrations along the way but once raised Guerilla did their best to deal with them as quickly as possible. Ultimately we are very happy with the end result of the kit that has been developed.”
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