Impactful campaign creation with a mixture of traditional and targeted media

Analysis by several Primary Care Trusts in Teesside revealed that although smoking had decreased for the general population, the number of young smokers had actually increased by 32%. The challenge was to create a campaign that would connect with the young audience, have impact and get them to start stopping.

Don't be a ***ker all your life print text

The provocative proposition ‘Don’t ***ker all your life’ was positioned over a variety of kitsch student-friendly images. We created maximum impact with a mixture of traditional and targeted ambient media included beer mats in specific bars and nightclubs, local radio advertising, press adverts in student magazines, postcards, empty boxes of matches and Adshels.

Don't be a ***ker all your life montage

The campaign was launched with 40ft high projections of the message onto buildings around the University campus and achieved over £150,000 of free credible coverage in the local media, with recall amongst the target market achieving 79% and smoking cessation targets achieved within the first six weeks.

Don't be a ***ker all your life digital poster
“Guerilla provides a very innovative approach to every brief no matter how difficult it may be. The team is very focused on getting results and we are delighted with the impact that the campaigns have made within our region.”
Don't be a ***ker all your life marketing material matchstick
Don't be a ***ker all your life promotional t-shirt
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