Creating an instantly recognisable and classy brand refresh with retail campaign for use on seasonally themed communications

We were asked to refresh and reposition the Dalton Park brand along with developing a retail campaign, in order to better reflect the brand’s personality – exciting, friendly, confident, aspirational. Our key objectives involved changing people’s perception of the brand and maintaining brand awareness levels. On a more perceptible level, we were also tasked with getting more people to visit Dalton Park, and then encouraging them to both stay for longer and spend more once they were there.

Dalton Park seasonal posters

We chose to reposition the brand to a more aspirational audience, while taking care not to alienate the current consumer base. Consistency of the brand’s tone of voice is all-important, and so we identified the core Dalton Park virtues – quality, choice, competitiveness, value for money – and ensured that our solution reflected them.

We created a classy, symmetrical brand marque that is instantly recognisable and distinctively Dalton Park. Strong use of a single colour can often polarise opinion, so the original purple scheme had to go. In its place we introduced a refined, monochrome colour palette that was classic and yet contemporary.

Additionally, the logo is creatively flexible and can easily be tweaked to a specific message, or for use on seasonally themed communications throughout the year (fashion being seasonal, after all). We also created a tessellated version of the marque for use in creating distinctive communications such as designer carrier bags, gift cards, business cards, stationery, and more.

Dalton Park shopping brochure
Dalton Park Treat magazine cover Dalton Park inside Treat magazine

Along with the new logo came a simple and memorable proposition line, inspired by the science of retail therapy: ‘Treat Yourself’. This managed to convey the optimistic Dalton Park values of affordable, aspirational luxury that came from discovering a true bargain in a very effective way (if we do say so ourselves). The use of joyful, bright, and emotive photography alongside engaging copy was also used to promote the Dalton Park message and fulfil the retail campaign aspect of the brief. Finally, we updated our Dalton Park TV ad to incorporate the rebranding changes. Overall, we believe that this campaign ticked all the required boxes while bringing the Dalton Park brand to life in a fresh and interesting way that really stands out.

Dalton Park website on iPad Dalton Park poster advertisement
Dalton Park Home Sweet Home Event poster
The Great Outdoors Event Poster
Dalton Park gift card close up Dalton Park Black Friday newspaper feature
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