Making happy happen!

Cintra ​HR and Payroll ​is a rapidly growing company with clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the UK and EU. Their recent growth had created the need to restructure the company and with an influx of new starter employees, there was also the danger that the internal knowledge of the brand and their values would be diluted and eventually lost.

Interesting Challenge…

​The Cintra brand was not keeping pace with the vision and development of the company. Previously we had created the sign-off line ‘The friendly face of HR & payroll’, which was liked, but nothing had really been done with it. Now a more strategic and holistic brand solution was needed to give Cintra the momentum and future-proofing it needed. But what was Cintra really all about?


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Clear Thinking…

​Using our ​renowned ‘360-brand value deep dive’, we immersed ourselves in a day in the life of Cintra. Starting with a series of informal interviews with employees, management team, customers and suppliers to get a true picture of what “Cintra” really meant to those close to it, including insights about the culture, personality and values. Throughout the research phase, we kept coming across the same message again and again -​ ​‘it’s all about making and keeping our customers happy!’

Real Results…

Our work with Cintra is the gift which keeps on giving. ​Quite literally! What started as a rebranding exercise which united all stakeholders, engaging them to have their say in the shaping of the future of the brand has accelerated into an awards cabinet bursting at the seams and a thriving business with real purchase-appeal. In late 2020 Cintra was successfully acquired by PSSG, of whom we are now working alongside. A real testament to the value of our work.

“We all love the work Guerilla did to drive the Cintra brand forward and couldn’t be more delighted to have won best rebrand in London at The Rewards 2019, thanks so much to our team at Guerilla for making this happen.”
Carsten Staehr, CEO



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“The definition of a rebrand is to present something to the public in a new way and that is what Cintra HR & Payroll services has done. The change in messaging to “Make happy happen” has had a lasting impact and made a difference with enquiries rising by more than 50 percent. The Judges thought there were solid reasons for the rebrand and that the new branding strikes a chord and sticks in people’s memory.”

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