We make happy happen…

Client strategy meetings are a very important way of reviewing our client’s business objectives whilst getting to understand their challenges and changing marketplaces. During one such meeting at Cintra HR and Payroll we discussed their brand and the fact that their brand positioning and visual representation was not keeping pace with the vision and development of the company. Previously we had created the sign-off line ‘The friendly face of HR & payroll’, which was liked, but now a much more strategic and holistic brand solution was needed. 

One rebrand… 1 Award …one very happy customer

Cintra is a rapidly growing company with clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the UK and EU. Their recent growth had created the need to restructure the company and with an influx of new starter employees, there was also the danger that the internal knowledge of the brand and their values would be diluted and eventually lost. 

Our team therefore suggested our tried and tested 360-brand value exercise, which was designed to engage with a good cross section of employees, management team, customers and suppliers. Over the period of two weeks we informally interviewed our respondents and received candid and invaluable feedback concerning the Cintra business and brand, including insights about the culture, personality and values. An important and additional benefit of the exercise was that our interviewees were excited to be consulted and engaged about the developments, meaning they were glad to help and feel that they can help shape the future of the Cintra brand and business. 

The next task was to collate all of the feedback we had received and start to identify any common themes which we could group together in order to help to forge a creative brief, ensuring that our brand solution would be clearly thought through whilst offering integrity and originality. Following a presentation to the Cintra board, we then set about creating and consolidating the Cintra brand platform, including their values and personality. 

Throughout the research phase we kept coming across the same strong message again and again, both internally and externally. The view from most people connected to the business and with experience of Cintra was that the business was very concerned with client satisfaction levels. This is clearly a company that genuinely put their clients at the heart of what they do and very much care about how their customers feel about the service they provide. Cintra’s eccentric, Danish and lovable CEO, Carsten Star’s interview was a defining moment in the creative process as he slammed his fist on the table and screamed ‘it’s all about making and keeping our customers happy!’. 

Sometimes you cannot look a ‘gift horse in the mouth’ and our team soon came up with a brand proposition line that we knew would fit Cintra like a glove, and the line We make happy happen… was born! For the next step we needed to create the right visual identity, which needed to incorporate the right images in order to give Cintra a visual identity impact whilst capturing their customer friendly and caring culture. 

“We all love the work Guerilla did to drive the Cintra brand forward and couldn’t be more delighted to have won best rebrand in London at The Rewards 2019, thanks so much to our team at Guerilla for making this happen.”
Carsten Staehr, CEO

There was one hairy moment (no pun intended) when we presented Carsten with our range of happy looking animals, reptiles and ‘other smiling’ creatures. But after the initial surprise Carsten and Cintra embraced the new brand concept and we developed it across a wide range of collateral including a new website design and build. 

The rebrand is now complete and Cintra continues to grow their turnover rapidly, attracting a huge number of new clients on a global basis. Recently the rebrand was recognised at the prestigious ‘Rewards 2019’ industry awards, where Cintra HR and Payroll have been recognised by their peers and clients for their rebrand.

“The definition of a rebrand is to present something to the public in a new way and that is what Cintra HR & Payroll services has done. The change in messaging to “Make happy happen” has had a lasting impact and made a difference with enquiries rising by more than 50 percent. The Judges thought there were solid reasons for the rebrand and that the new branding strikes a chord and sticks in people’s memory.”
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