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It’s fair to say that the team at Guerilla have a lot of experience in healthcare & pharmaceutical marketing and branding. So, we were pleased to get a call, and find out that CannaSVG, one of the world’s leading medical grade cannabis manufacturers based in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, wanted us to create a new medical brand strategy and visual identity for them. After getting to know and understand our new client’s business, culture and fully researching the USA and European pharmaceutical target market, we started to consider new brand concepts for CannaSVG.

Interesting Challenge

The tricky thing about marketing medical grade cannabis is that although its medical properties are largely recognised, and legal attitudes are changing, you still need to be aware of and sensitive to historic associations with the plant. We are not exactly scared of creating bold brands, but we quickly recognised that the tone of this brand needed to be a balance of professionalism and earthy credentials without overtly featuring cannabis leaves.

Introducing the new and free look for CannaSVG


Outdoor advertising, with impact built in as standard

Creative Thinking…

Initially we presented three different routes based upon very different rationales. The chosen option was based around CannaSVG’s unique location and climate, which in turn provides the sunlight to help produce higher quality product without the need for higher energy consumption typically used within the industry. Our inspiration came from the flag of St Vincent, which displays the ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’. To give the brand a more contemporary feel, we opted to soften the edges of each of the diamonds which also helped to reflect the culture of CannaSGV, which is ethical, friendly, and approachable. The contemporary yellow and green colourways again were specifically chosen to underpin the quality of the product and the rich fauna found on the Island.

Real Results

The new brand has positioned CannaSVG as the leading medical grade cannabis provider globally. Following the recent rebrand, CannaSVG have already gained access to the European market through partnerships with distributors, retailers, and service providers. It is our belief that Europe will experience a growing trend towards medical cannabis consumption as many European countries start to make concessions surrounding the legalisation of cannabis. We are now looking forward to our next meeting in sunny St Vincent!


Bringing staff to fore front of the brand


Total impact on all printed collateral in keeping with the brand guidelines


Powerful designs for social media to get clients attention

“We really liked the team at Guerilla’s approach to the rebrand and they made a big effort to understand us, our business, and the global marketplace. The brand identity and thinking behind it is unique and has massively helped to differentiate us from the competition. We are really looking forward to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with Guerilla. ”

Planet conscious packaging materials

Clean contemporary typography throughout

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