Sygen Pharmaceuticals, a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, introduced the Callalilly range to cater to diverse health needs. Despite the high-quality formulations, the brand faced challenges in the Nigerian market, primarily due to affordability and usage consistency.

The Challenge:

The task was not only to design packaging for Callalilly that would stand out on pharmacy shelves and appeal to the target demographic of socio-economic class C2 & D, but also to create and design the Callalilly brand itself. The brand and packaging needed to evoke trust, quality, and affordability.


Soft dusty pink and the decadent purple are a perfect match


A simple yet elegant brand


Leveraging our team’s expertise in brand creation, we aimed to create a brand identity for Callalilly that resonated with the target audience. We focused on a clean, classic, premium, lifestyle, and bright design style, with engaging illustrations or iconography. We created three distinct design options for the blisters and box for all products.


The creation and design of the Callalilly brand, along with the new packaging design, was a success. The brand saw an increase in appeal and sales.

The design stood out on pharmacy shelves, catching consumers’ attention. The affordable pricing, coupled with the premium look of the packaging, made Callalilly a preferred choice for multivitamins among the target demographic. This success story followed our team’s successful rebranding of Sygen Pharmaceuticals, further demonstrating the power of effective brand creation and packaging design.

Typeface, colour palette and iconography in harmony

Even the socials are beautiful


A comprehensive brand guideline package


A strong brand that carries across any media


Using a darker colour combination for the 'Callalilly Man' range

“We chose Guerilla, based on their experience in branding and unique approach to brand strategy. We were impressed with the projects they had worked on with other Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies and this extensive experience combined with the results they achieved is what set them apart from the rest.”
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