Bunch - Branding Identity

An Amazing Bunch…

A leading supplier of personalised workwear, uniforms and products in the United Kingdom contacted us with the opportunity to create a new brand communications strategy, including a new visual identity for their brand. They are one of the UK’s leading producers of merchandise for blue chip companies and are looking to expand their client base right across Europe and globally too.

Interesting Challenge

During our intelligence gathering phase, we quickly understood that their team, whilst very professional and consumer orientated, were certainly not a corporate bunch like their name suggested. Therefore our team made the decision to establish a solid brand platform including band pillars, values, value proposition, personality, and tone of voice to ensure that the visual identity would deliver precisely was needed.

Incorporating company staff into characters

A fun and engaging brand that works across all media

Approaching the bunch brand in a unique way

Creative Thinking…

Once the brand platform was agreed it was time to work with a new name, which was ‘Bunch’. The slightly quirky name needed to be supported with an endearing and engaging brand marque, supporting graphics and colour palette. The strategy was to provide Bunch with an identity that was brave, energetic, and totally differentiated the business in a densely saturated marketplace.


Real Results

The new strategy and visual identity deliver a unique and well-rounded brand that offers diversity in how it can be applied. An ‘amazing bunch’, a ‘green bunch’, a ‘caring bunch’ etc…list of proposition lines based around the core value proposition of their employees is infinite. It was for that reason, we decided to add an additional and personal touch into the branding by designing and creating individually created avatars to represent each member of the core team. 

Branding that can be seen on the move

Unique character design

A brand guideline document that's colourful and comprehensive

“The whole team at Guerilla, are extremely knowledgeable and the delivery of each stage were second to none. If you are looking for an agency to take you through your rebrand and marketing journey, then Guerilla is the agency for you.”

Immersive social media designs

Bold typography used throughout

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