A smart solution for an empty wall!

British Engines is a leading engineering group working across the globe. Their seven businesses manufacture technology-leading products for a wide range of industries including oil and gas, chemical, marine, construction and agriculture. They offer best in class solutions on products ranging from hydraulic pumps and motors to power transmission products.

Interesting Challenge…

In tandem with a brand strategy project, the global British Engines Company asked us to create a design for their state of the art headquarters. The design needed to capture the essence of innovation, heritage, people, global stature and reflect the engineering products that the company was famous for producing. It needed to be perceived as a work of art.

Reception area design

Monthly magazine

British Engines factory workers inspecting metal work

Commissioned photography

Clear Thinking…

​We proposed a design that encompassed the recently introduced triangle holding device to feature each of the main areas of focus that we needed to cover. To ensure that the design had maximum impact and to enable the content to be easily updated, the largest triangle featured an integrated LCD screen. Using our digital signage solution En-gage®, British Engines could send new and engaging content to the screen whenever they wanted, with a simple click.

Real Results…

​The wall design has converted what was a huge amount of whitespace into an area that has a massive impact and communicates what British Engines is passionate about. By using state of the art digital technology the content is more engaging and can be changed instantly from any location in the world. Talk about smart!

Wall graphics

Fixtures & fittings

British Engines factory worker surrounded by drill bits

Commissioned photography

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