Where a successful rebrand is child’s play!

The Nursery at Berwick Children’s Centre provides full day care for children from six months up to five years with all year provision. The Children’s Centre is operated by Northumberland County Council, who put a plan in place to make the nursery private.

Interesting Challenge…

​Privatisation raises several challenges, not least with the limited awareness of the nursery and what it could offer parents and carers. There was also significant confusion surrounding the name of the nursery – with most referring to it as “the nursery at Berwick Children’s Centre”. ​Catchy!​

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Clear Thinking…

A successful repositioning of a nursery into the private sector would be reliant on a memorable name, a distinctive visual identity and a clearly positioned and communicated offer. With growing trends of forest schools and closeness to nature for the early years to thrive, the nursery’s large pre-existing “outdoor classroom” proved a very positive point of difference from competitors. It was here where Cubs & Kits was born.

Real Results…

​Cubs & Kits captures the great sense of the outdoors and proximity to nature, whilst forming a central pillar of our branding and communications with our promise of “Playing, exploring, growing. together”. Aesthetically, it is more sophisticated than the “insert generic nursery” with a strongly defined sense of individuality and fun. Recent Ofsted reports also confirm that the Nursery has now established it’s self as one of the leading pre-school educational providers in Northumberland.





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