Pharmacy retail and wholesale giant The PHOENIX Group own retail chains across 13 European countries, and – after a successful pitch against five leading European branding agencies – we were challenged to create a single, unified European pharmacy brand that would unite all but three of their existing pharmacies under a single European ‘superbrand’. 

The process of consultation involved the Guerilla Project Team jetting off to attending meetings with the multinational PHOENIX Project Team at venues across Europe, including Oslo, Budapest and Tallinn, and continued throughout the entire pre launch phase. In these meetings together we decided on collective objectives and individual roles and responsibilities.

BENU Pharmacy product packaging

The scope of work was enormous, from naming and a brand identity programme with European guidelines, to a huge range of on and offline touchpoints. They included store fascia and interior design, a framework for localised advertising campaigns, a ‘pharmacy finder’ app and a huge ‘own label’ range of packaging covering skincare, dietary supplements, commodities and OTC categories… and that was just for starters.

We had to start somewhere, and the logical place seemed to be the name, it had to be distinctive, memorable and easy to pronounce across Europe, and that’s not all, it would need to be trademarked separately in each country as well as on a pan-European level… quite a tall order.

BENU Pharmacy brand packaging

Following an exhaustive whittling down of over 1,000 name candidates, the name BENU was finally selected. The name was based on Bennu – an ancient Egyptian god and precursor to the Greek Phoenix (a nice connection we thought)  – a symbol of life, energy, rebirth, renewal and regeneration, a perfect combination for a strong healthcare brand – bingo! – and the client loved it, we had our brand story.

Benu Pharmacy products inside store Benu Pharmacy customer transaction
BENU Pharmacy Vitamin C product packaging

From here on in it was a matter of rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it, creating a modern, distinctive and flexible unified brand identity programme for fascia, store interiors, POS and packaging and delivering well considered, distinctive design… on an industrial scale.

Launched only six months later, in 2012, BENU, the youngest pharmacy brand in the PHOENIX Group, is now also their largest, with over 1,400 pharmacies in 10 European countries.

“One of the reasons our BENU pharmacies are so successful is that we have created a concept that categorically sets us apart from the competition: inviting interior design and perfect product presentation. Thanks to this innovative approach, BENU is already the market leader in continental Europe. We are extremely proud of this achievement.”

BENU Pharmacy lip care product packaging
BENU Children's book Marketing collateral for Pharmacy brand BENU
“We were looking for an agency that focuses on speed, creativity and result orientation, like us. We found just that in Guerilla.”
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