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Complete rebrand and repositioning with a totally new communications strategy

An essential element of any building project, building regulation is often viewed by developers as a necessary evil – with failure to comply with complex regulations meaning costly changes to building projects – putting them over deadline and over budget.

Assure Building Control branding

So instead of talking to builders and site managers at the end of the process, Assure Building Control wanted to talk to architects and developers from the beginning, working in partnership to add value by removing risk at planning stage, saving time and money.

Assure Building Control website on iPad
Assure Building Control inside brochure
Assure Building Control bold logo
Assure Building Control branded brochure

To help achieve this, we carried out a complete rebrand, repositioning them in a more consultancy-led role with a totally new communications strategy that has allowed them to expand in to larger commercial projects. The minimalist new brand communicates the unique Assure offer with clarity, simplicity and confidence… to quote world renowned Industrial Designer, Dieter Ramms, “less, but better”.

Assure Building Control marketing materials
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