AMTS Apotheke - Brand Refresh


Germany has been undergoing a digital health revolution with respect to its Healthcare System. This has changed the market dynamics and customer journey of medication provision, whilst placing local pharmacies under extreme competition from the large, online medication providers. AMTS is an independent pharmacy based in Bochum and got in touch with us as they wanted to ensure, that as a local pharmacy, that they not only retained their existing customers, but were also reaching a broader target audience.

Interesting Challenge

AMTS are the largest, most successful, local pharmacy (8 other pharmacies within 1km) in their geographic area but are faced with two major challenges. The first one is that major players such as Zur Rose, Shop Apotheke and Amazon are entering the market and unlike the local German pharmacies, they are permitted discounts on prescriptions and offers on OTC. Another challenge is that the introduction of the E-prescription will provide the opportunity for the patient to carry their prescription electronically, potentially reducing the need for local pharmacy – that’s where we come in!


Clear Thinking…

Initially we identified the need to position AMTS not only as the health-partner of choice and top of mind offline local pharmacy, but also as an online solution for our existing customers and an attractive option for new customers (“Fernbesteller”). To do this we needed to redesign the overarching brand strategy and visual identity. Once this was completed, the brand communications were extended in to three campaigns, including naming and promoting the delivery service, their online presence and web shop.

Real Results

The brand (bear and all) has now been totally redesigned and is currently being implemented across all on and offline communications. Working closely with a German linguistic specialist we created a three word strapline – Gesundheit.Wohlbefinden.Nahe, which translates to Health, Wellbeing and Care that’s nearby. Our team are well into the planning stage of creating an extensive multichannel advertising campaign to retain and recruit new customers – watch this space!

“Our experience in developing our new campaign and branding together was very positive from start to finish. In discussions, our ideas and wishes were heard and their interpretation skillfully and effectively implemented into our marketing strategy making the whole process very smooth. Our meetings together were always focused, constructive, and very professional such that the delivery of the final deliverables took far less time than we had imagined.”
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