Successful and effective campaign with TV advert on a tight budget leading to an increase in ticket sales

Alnwick Castle has experienced a sustained growth across their adult, adult plus child and castle and garden combined ticket offerings. However the sales of their family ticket are down on previous years. Based on this the 2016 campaigns need to address this to really encourage an uptake in family ticket sales. Alnwick Castle has described their position within the tourism market as a “tricky balancing act”. The challenge for 2016 was straight foreword for Guerilla. How do we present the castle as a venue of historical and cultural significance alongside a place which offers activities and fun for all the family and which remains in keeping with the tradition of the castle’s authentic representation of its past?

Adventure typography Alnwick Castle characters
Alnwick Castle adventure poster

Our strategy was a simple one. We needed a way of showing our audiences just what they and their families were missing out on.  All on a tight budget.  With a film crew we produced a TV advert which highlighted the adventure, drama, authenticity and most importantly fun that the castle has to offer, to all the family.  We produced a 30” spot, which ran on TV, on video on demand and in cinemas across the region. This was complemented by a direct mail piece, as well as digital advertising, radio commercial spots, press advertising and outdoor advertising across Tyne and Wear.

The 2016 campaign delivered an immediate impact. The first three weeks that the campaign was live saw an increase in all castle tickets when compared to the same weeks in 2015 (despite a very wet and miserable Easter!). During the Easter holidays family tickets were also up by 37% and, to round it all off, we got some really good media coverage both on and offline with the national, regional and local press.

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Alnwick Castle billboard advertisement
Alnwick Castle metro advertisements
Alnwick Castle 2016 Campaign newspaper feature Alnwick Castle 2016 Campaign bus advertisement
“We are thrilled with the successful and effective campaign and we are already enjoying planning for the summer where we expect some more fantastic results! ”
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