Alnwick Castle - Your Adventure Begins

A new take on a seasonal campaign!

​Following the success of our family ticket campaign with Alnwick Castle, and two national awards for travel and tourism marketing, the pressure was really on to deliver a new summer campaign that would raise the bar even further. Just as well we were on hand to assist!

Interesting Challenge…

​One of the main challenges of the summer campaign would be to persuade visitors of previous years that there is so much more​ to see at the Castle, particularly with the launch of so many new attractions and different themed weeks over the summer season.

48 sheet poster

Adshel 60 x 40

Alnwick castle

Clear Thinking…

​The campaign featured a dramatic, vibrant and cinematic style, showcasing different themes at every turn, whilst using imagery of the same (Alnwick) castle as the perfect backdrop each time. One theme showcased the Castle’s link to Harry Potter with wizarding week, while another focused on the latest dragons quest. No matter when you visited, there was a new adventure awaiting!

Real Results…

​Since the campaign was launched ticket sales across all events have seen a dramatic rise. With a little help from the British weather ​(for a change), we were able to help Alnwick Castle achieve a very positive (​and sunny) outcome with a 10% increase in footfall during the six weeks school holidays.

“We have worked with Guerilla for a number of years now and over that period the team haven’t ever failed to impress. The creative team are exceptionally talented and each year come up with a completely new take on our product, pushing relevant areas in line with the programming for that season.”
Alnwick Castle

Dragon's quest promotion

Harry Potter execution

Core campaign execution

Carriage card

“The 2017 campaign was focused around the launch of the newly refurbished Dragon Quest. The creative was vibrant and eye-catching, so perfect to target the family market. As a result of the campaign we saw a 10% increase in footfall.”
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