Airburst - Brand Creation, Website & Social Media

Keeping Us All Safe…

With the emergence of new strains of bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus, it has never been more important to make sure that we are protecting ourselves and the people around us – this is what led to the creation of Airburst. They are proud to offer all of our customers a premium fogging solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, leaving you with a fully disinfected environment that you can enjoy without the need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Interesting Challenge…

Once the equipment and solution had been developed, we were approached to help create a name and brand identity that would represent the process, and the added benefits of using their systems. We initially created 4 potential options with the thought process between each one explained to the client, before as a group deciding on Airburst. From here, we then developed the rest of the brand, including colours, fonts, tag-lines and an animated logo.


Clear Thinking…

Once the initial branding was created, spent time discussing how Airburst would like to be seen within the market, and off the back of this began creating all of the relevant marketing collateral such as instruction manuals, certificates, labels and packaging. Alongside this, we were designing and building a website with integrated eCommerce store and working on the creation of an integrated marketing strategy to help with the launch of the brand.

Real Results…

Airburst’s entry into the market has so far been a successful one. The website has been generating sales and uptake of the systems within businesses in the North East has been extremely positive, with many commenting how it has helped them get back to ‘some kind of normality’. We’re now in the second phase of the launch and beginning to push the brand across new channels, with a new offering to follow – watch this space!


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