Shane Gammage
Shane Gammage

Shane Gammage

Account Manager

Summarise your career so far in three sentences
“Pretty varied – from working in an electrical wholesalers’ warehouse, to finance, retail, sales and then marketing. It’s been good fun – learning lots along the way that has helped me to excel in marketing over the last 7 years. Now looking forward to a long and successful career at Guerilla.”

What’s your office daytime drink?
“Water, sometimes with a bit of juice – not really a hot drink fan.”

Any skills or talents most people wouldn’t know?
“I’m a fountain of football knowledge.”

Which person from history would you like to have a coffee with and why?
“Sir Bobby Robson – he’s just a bit of a legend, really isn’t he?”

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
“P.E – I had far too much energy for any other subject and couldn’t sit still.”

Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child?
“Not an imaginary friend, but I used to re-create premier league goals in the back garden on my own pretending to be all the players.

When the weekend arrives I love to . . .
“Spend it with my family taking our sausage dog Trevor for nice walks.”

What is a non-negotiable part of your daily routine?
“Eating breakfast whilst watching Sky Sports News.”

Describe yourself in three words
“Fun, creative and motivated.”

What are the key skills you bring to your job?
“Digital optimisation and thinking outside the box.”

What’s top of your bucket list in this lifetime?
“To get over to Vegas for a big UFC or boxing event.”

What’s your favourite book?
“I tend to listen to podcasts over reading books but did enjoy Mike Tyson’s autobiography when I read that.”

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