James Allen Profile
James Allen at work

James Allen

Managing Director

Key skills/talents
“I’m very handy with a hula hoop.”

Describe yourself in three words
“Well meaning, bald and self-effacing.”

Career summary
“Fun, fast paced and entrepreneurial.”

What are the key skills you bring to your job?
“Organisation, empathy and fun.”

Daytime drink of choice
“Gin & tonic, with lots of ice please (of course, not before 10am).”

Which person from history would you like to have a coffee with and why?
“I would love to have a chat with Napoléon Bonaparte, just to get his take on what it takes to become a top class vicious European Dictator!”

What was your favourite subject at school?
“History, because a lot of mistakes could be avoided if people have a better grasp of the past.”

Were you a pet, toy or imaginary friend kind of child?
“I’m not weird enough to have had an imaginary friend, but I think I more or less became Batman at one point in the late seventies.”

When the weekend arrives you love to . . .
“Do more work.”

What’s top of your bucket list in this lifetime?
“Seeing my daughter married off to some rich aristocrat who happens to live on the other side of the world and is an only child?”

What’s your favourite book?
The Great Gatsby

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