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Iain Thompson at work

Iain Thompson

Operations Manager

Key skills/talents
“I have an incredible knowledge of the animal kingdom, I’m an indispensable member of any pub quiz team!”

Describe yourself in three words
“Talkative, pragmatic and empathetic.”

Career summary
“My career didn’t start out as I had planned due to going travelling straight after uni. However, I’ve have had a varied career spanning animal care, customer service management, packaging architectural design, creative artwork and studio management. All of the above has led to me having a very unique set of skills which help me to keep the Guerilla studio running smoothly.”

What are the key skills you bring to your job?
“I have excellent management skills and the ability to take a step back in stressful moments and give an objective overview of the situation. I spent a long time working at a printers as a packaging designer, which gave me an invaluable insight into the real nitty gritty side of the print and production process. “I keep projects running smoothly within the agency and ensure processes are followed. A wise man once said: ‘It’s the job that’s never started that takes longest to finish.’”

Daytime drink of choice
“Hot tea. No sugar. Dead milky!”

What is a non-negotiable part of your daily routine?
“Routine and planning.”

Which person from history would you like to have a coffee with and why?
“Steve Irwin, he was my childhood hero. Crikey!”

What was your favourite subject at school?
“Art was always my favourite at school, it was the one subject where I really felt at home. It gave me a opportunity to explore my imagination and express my creative side that other subjects tended to hinder.”

Were you a pet, toy or imaginary friend kind of child?
“I grew up surrounded by pets. As a child my black lab Jess was never far from my side. I now have a Jack Russell called Lola.”

When the weekend arrives you love to . . .
“I spend a lot of time taking my kids to various dance classes, swimming lessons, etc. at the weekend, however I do love a night out whenever I get the chance.”

What’s top of your bucket list in this lifetime?
“I would love to visit the Galapagos Islands.”

What’s your favourite book?
Eragon by Christopher Paolini is my favourite book. Don’t watch the film, it’s sh*t!”

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